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SME | M2-12
Bracci Lettura Serie M
Braccio SME M2-12, lunghezza 12". Lavorazione dritta in acciaio internamente smorzato. Shell in magnesio rimovibile. Regolazione dell'azimuth. Contrappeso in tungsteno cromato. Per testine da 5 a 12gr. Base slittabile per la regolazione del tracking. Peso 675gr.

Altre caratteristiche
The M2 Series tonearm is available in 9, 10 & 12 inch versions and offers at reasonable cost, meticulous build quality with all the most important features including lightweight stainless steel tonearm, detachable magnesium headshell with azimuth adjustment, tungsten balance weight, superb quality ball race bearings and a level of stiffness and rigidity to suit all types of cartridge.
These precision made tonearms embody well tried SME principles and are suited to a broad range of cartridges including those of medium and low compliance.
The headshell is pressure die-cast in magnesium for lightness and rigidity. A collet of ingenious design affords ‘one-piece’ rigidity and allows azimuth correction to be made before final tightening.

Series M2-12 has a pivot-stylus dimension of 308.8 mm. Distortion caused by lateral tracking error is at least 25% less than possible with a nine or inch arm. However effective mass will be typically 12.0 grams. Also, a turntable designed for 12-inch arms must be selected.



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