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SME | Model 20/3A MK2
Giradischi Trazione a cinghia Serie 20
Giradischi con trazione a cinghia e braccio SME Serie V GPD in magnesio con cablaggio Crystal Cable. Telaio e sub telaio in estruso di alluminio lavorati CNC e completamenti isolati l'uno dall'altro. Sub telaio smorzato e sospeso su 40 molle e disaccoppiato su fluido speciale centrale. Perno centrale da 19mm in acciaio cromato che ruota su cuscinetti di bronzo in sede sigillata. Piatto in lega di alluminio lavorato dal pieno e dal peso di 6,5Kg. Record clamp in dotazione. Motore sincrono in AC bi-fase, con unità separata per la regolazione della velocità 33/45 ultra precisa a passi di +/-0,01% tramite DSP dedicato. 4 Piedini di appoggio completamente disaccoppiati dal telaio e regolabili in altezza. Peso giradischi 26Kg.

Prezzo: 33.000 Euro  -  IVA inclusa

Altre caratteristiche
The MK2 Model 20 is a finely engineered precision turntable. High density construction, extensional damping of major
surfaces and lack of vibration from moving parts ensures exceptional detail, resolution and uncoloured performance.
Equipped with a new highly advanced drive system provides a significant improvement to speed control, accuracy and
stability, making the new generation Model 20 far superior to the highly acclaimed original.

The Model 20 has superb instrument quality machining allied with fundamental physics, the higher the mass and stiffness of the body the less it will flex and vibrate; the duration of a vibration is shortened by advanced damping treatment. The Model 20 effortlessly addresses the problems of extraneous vibrations which emanate from numerous sources including air and structural vibration from loudspeakers, groove modulation, stray electrical fields and mechanical energy from moving parts.

Weighing 26kg is significant in relation to its size as density matters. The main and sub-chassis plate thicknesses are 16mm and resists flexing at low frequencies whilst high frequency resonance is attenuated by efficient extensional damping.

The definitive performance Model 20 is available with or without a tonearm. The tonearm option is the flagship SME Series V with contrasting Silver Printed Detail and Crystal Cable internal wiring.



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