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SME | Model 60
Giradischi Trazione a cinghia Serie 60
Giradischi con trazione a cinghia e braccio SME Serie VA in resina polimerica lavorata CNC acusticamente inerte con cablaggio Crystal Cable. Telaio e sub telaio in estruso di alluminio lavorati CNC e completamenti isolati l'uno dall'altro e con sistema di sospensione sia verticale che orizzontale. Perno centrale da 19mm in acciaio cromato che ruota su cuscinetti di bronzo in sede sigillata. Piatto in lega di alluminio lavorato dal pieno e dal peso di 7,5Kg. Record clamp in dotazione. Motore sincrono in AC bi-fase, con unità separata per la regolazione della velocità 33/45 ultra precisa a passi di +/-0,01% tramite DSP dedicato. Alimentazione del giradischi e dello stadio elettronico della regolazione della velocità in ulteriore chassis dedicato. 4 Piedini di appoggio completamente disaccoppiati dal telaio con isolamento multipunto e regolabili in altezza. Peso giradischi 48Kg.

Altre caratteristiche
The Model 60 is the most technically advanced SME turntable ever made, evolved from 75 years of engineering
excellence, innovation and perfection, delivering precise and pure audio reproduction. Extremely high build quality, close tolerance precision engineered componentry, striking design and a range of none painted uniquely engineered finishes.

Introduced 60 years after SME entered the elite high end audio world, the Model 60 is far superior than the highly credible Model 30 which has been the reference precision turntable for over 3 decades. The new flagship is an entirely new turntable design with clever engineering and technological advancement.

Design features include: de-coupled adjustable feet with multipoint isolation, an intelligent suspended suspension system with horizontal and vertical control, hydraulically dampened main bearing, acoustically treated main chassis, sub-chassis and platter, sophisticated new generation drive system with highly accurate speed control, AC motor and independent power transformer.

The Model 60 is equipped with the new Series VA tonearm which is an advanced version of the famous Series V tonearm which has been extensively sonically improved by use of a non-metallic tonearm CNC machined from an advanced polymer resin material with high density and high rigidity properties. The Series VA tonearm tube is acoustically inert with a significantly reduced resonance signature, optimised effective mass and a wide cartridge balance weight range

Brushed Black.
Brushed Silver


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